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How much does a birdbath cost?

Bird baths may attract even more birds to your backyard than do bird feeders! And more different kinds of birds, too. If you are considering adding a bird bath to your bird feeding station you no doubt wish to know how much to spend on one. What is a reasonable cost for a bird bath?

Commercial bird bath costs run from inexpensive to extravagant. Many retail outlets offer bird baths for as little as $25 to more than $200. Of course, very fancy and heavy bird baths can be very expensive. Bird bath heaters and fountains add additional cost. On the other hand, you can make a simple bird bath out of a saucer at little or no cost.

Photo of Evening Grosbeak on bird bath
Evening Grosbeak. Greg Gillson.

Typical bird baths

Birdbaths mimic rain puddles. They are shallow basins of water. Typical bird baths contain a basin of water either on the ground, on a pedestal, or hanging from a chain.

Here is the range of prices as advertised on Amazon:

Bird baths on Amazon (affiliate link)
Marble hand carved one-piece pedestal bird bath: $2002 plus $508 shipping.
Plastic bird bath and pedestal: $32.36 plus free shipping.

At my local Walmart, bird baths are advertised for sale from $28.68 to $199.99. Their best sellers are that low priced bath to one for $139.99 that includes a solar fountain.

Before we talk about bird baths with fountains, though, lets look at the three types of typical bird baths.

Pedestal bird baths

The pedestal bird bath is what most people think of when they hear the word birdbath. These baths consist of a basin of water raised up on a pedestal.

The height of the pedestal is usually between 24 and 28 inches tall. The bowl diameter is usually between 17 and 20 inches wide. The bowl depth is 2 to 3 inches (shallow is actually better for smaller birds, but needs refilled often and may be too shallow for a fountain).

Some bird baths are one-piece. Others have the basin and pedestal come apart for cleaning or shipping.

Advantages of pedestal bird bath: This is the traditional style, so there is a large variety to choose from. The basin is raised off the ground that gives some protection from predators, such as cats.

Disadvantages of pedestal bird bath: Often the water basin is too deep for small birds. Can blow over or tip over if animals jump up on them. Then they may break.

Compare the prices of pedestal bird baths on Amazon.

Hanging bird baths

You can hang a saucer as a bird bath from chains from your house eaves, from a tree branch, or from a shepherd's hook bird feeder pole. Use a hanger made for a hanging plant. Saucers can be as simple as a plastic or glazed ceramic plant saucer.

Advantages of hanging bird baths: Can be hung on patio or other small spaces where a pedestal bird bath may not fit. You can hang these up high where cats cannot get to bathing birds. Can be very inexpensive.

Disadvantages of hanging bird baths: Because water is heavy, you will want to keep these small. They won't hold very much water; they need to be refilled often. May be hard to fill, perhaps up over your head, where it will spill on you. Mostly only used by smaller birds, such as finches.

Compare the prices of hanging bird baths on Amazon

Ground-level bird baths

Bird baths can be placed on the ground or on a tree stump or even on some cinder blocks. In this case, the bird bath is only the water basin. There is no pedestal.

Advantages of ground-level bird baths: More like a natural rain puddle. Birds will come to them more quickly. May be used by more ground-dwelling birds like doves and sparrows. Lots of opportunity for decorating, incorporating into flower garden, and do-it-yourself projects. Can "hide" in a corner where shier birds will enjoy it. Can be very inexpensive.

Disadvantages of ground-level bird baths: Leaves and debris may fall into it easier. Non-bird pests may drink from it. Predators have easier access to birds. Keep low bushes (where cats may hide) at least 10 feet away, so birds can see predators coming.

Compare the prices of ground level bird baths on Amazon

Different bird bath materials


Polyresin is durable. Resist cracking and breaking. Weather-proof against freezing. Light weight. Needs to be weighted down to keep from blowing over. Strong and easily molded into intricate designs. Can take a wide variety of colors and finishes. Some bird baths are colored as copper metal. Fairly inexpensive.

Granite or marble

Marble and granite are very heavy. Expensive to ship. Will last for centuries. A 22 inch diameter bowl with a height of 23 inches (all one carved stone piece) weighs 175 pounds as an example. Another weighs 250 pounds. Very expensive.

Concrete (cast stone)

Concrete is strong and long lasting. Heavy. May be reinforced with rebar. Absorbs water and can crack in freezing weather. Medium price.

Polypropylene (PP)

Plastic. Weather resistant. Light weight. Rugged and rigid. Inexpensive.

Pottery (ceramic)

Ceramics are not to be left out in freezing weather. Freezing can crack bowl. Slippery surface hard for birds to grip. May break easily if tipped over. Fairly heavy. Decorative more than functional. Fairly expensive.


Metal bird baths may be made of aluminum, copper, or cat iron. They are fairy heavy, but strong. Copper resists algae. Expensive.

Heated bird baths

Separate plug-in bird bath heaters and de-icers can cost as little as $25. Heated bird baths may be as low as $59. They go up in price to $238 or above.

Bird bath fountains

There are many types of fountains for bird baths. Some solar bird bath fountains are sold for less than $20. Some solar fountains go up to $330. Plug-in submersible pumps in fountains can be found from $58 to almost $900.


Bird baths can be as cheap as a $2 ceramic or plastic plant saucer on the ground to a multi-tiered marble masterpiece that costs $2000 or more. There is a bird bath for every budget. Don't let price hinder you from adding this item which will attract more birds to your backyard.

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Legal disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

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